Laptop Vs Desktop For Gaming | Which One Is Better?

In gaming, better games are being added to it almost every day. To play those games, people in the whole world spend a lot of money on gaming laptops and gaming desktop computers. But, one thing you must be wondering; laptop Vs desktop for gaming, which one of them is better.

Desktop computers perform better than gaming laptops because they are capable of better graphics rendering and processing speed due to their hardware storing capacity. Laptops can also prove good for gaming, but they can not surpass desktop performance. Laptops are better than desktops because of their portability, which makes them popular amongst many gamers.

Further ahead in this article, you will get a detailed idea about using laptop as desktop gaming, the advantages & disadvantages of both a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop computer. So, read till the end to get familiar with them.

The Significant Difference: Laptop Vs Desktop For Gaming

Keeping all the apparent differences between a gaming laptop and desktop aside, there are some significant differences between a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop that most people do not know about.

The performance of a gaming desktop is far better than a gaming laptop. It can render graphics and process things much more quickly and effectively than a gaming laptop.

While using laptop as station for gaming with desktop to play high-end game, your laptop can get overheated and will often crash. Gaming desktops rarely undergo such situations because of their unrestricted airflow and exhaust system. This feature plays a vital role in making your gameplay experience smooth and enjoyable.

Pros Of Gaming Desktops


Gaming desktops have always been better than gaming laptops in various aspects. From the beginning, gamers have always preferred desktop computers over laptops because of their better performance and low prices. The significant pros of gaming desktops are;


You can get a very cheap price for better performance on gaming desktops. If we compare the price of a gaming desktop and a gaming laptop in terms of their specifications and components, gaming desktops have always turned out to be cheaper than laptops. You can also rely on your gaming desktops for long-term usage at a low price compared to gaming laptops.


Upgrading and replacing your gaming desktops’ components is much easier compared to gaming laptops. For example, you can replace your desktop’s RAM, CPU, and GPU with ease just by removing its lid and getting the components out of their places. On the other hand, replacing the components of a laptop is much more complicated than this. Sometimes, you can not even put together the opened pieces of your laptop.

Big screen:

Gaming desktops have a much bigger screen as compared to gaming laptops. You can have a 1080p high-resolution display for your games on a desktop. You can connect a monitor or an LCD with your preference without any restrictions. While gaming laptops can not offer such diversity in the screen display.

Cons of gaming desktops

Along with the various advantages of gaming desktops, they also carry some disadvantages. To some people, these can be frustrating, while it is just normal for a desktop to be lacking in someplace. These disadvantages are;


Gaming desktops are very heavy because of the number of components installed. It is tough to move them around individually because of their weight. It renders a desktop almost immovable. On the other hand, laptops are very light and have high mobility compared to desktops.

Rare parts availability:

The components of a gaming desktop are infrequent to find. You can not easily find them in your local supermarket. You will have to order them online. Moreover, parts like GPU are costly as compared to other parts.

Pros Of Best Gaming Laptop


Over the last few years, gaming laptops have become very popular for gaming among young gamers. They offer a variety of advantages for gamers. These advantages are;


Gaming laptops are highly portable because of their lightweight and less space occupation. They can be easily travelled around with. You can take them anywhere you want quickly without a hassle.

Plug-and-play ability:

When you have an easily portable gaming laptop, the only issue remaining is the way to play games anywhere. To counter that, gaming laptops have built-in USB ports allowing you to plug in your playing devices and start gaming anywhere you want.


The speed of the gaming laptop in terms of gameplay is breakneck compared to gaming desktops. Therefore, the game installed on your laptop will load quickly, saving you some time that you waste while waiting for its long loading on the desktop. Also, its response rate inside the game is very high.

Cons Of Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops also have some downfalls, just like gaming desktops. They have some fundamental disadvantages that do not significantly affect your gameplay. These disadvantages will lower the performance of your laptop to some extent. These disadvantages include;

High price:

Gaming laptops are costly as compared to gaming desktops. The price range of gaming laptops starts from about $2000. So, you can imagine how much costly they could be.

Lower performance:

Gaming laptops show a remarkably lowered performance as compared to gaming desktops. It is primarily because of the limited gaming hardware components present inside the laptop. They can still run most of the games smoothly but not on a level equal to the gaming desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I know when buying a laptop to run games?

It would help if you always prioritised the overall performance and graphics rendering power while. This is because the processor and the graphics system of a laptop decide the smooth performance of the gameplay. If the GPU and CPU of the laptop are not powerful enough, you could always face issues of overheating, crashing, lagging, etc. I hope this short buying guide for gaming laptop help you in finding the best laptop to run games. 

What are some of the most popular brands of gaming laptops?

The most popular and leading brands for gaming laptops include Razer, Dell, Asus, and Acer. They are the world’s best manufacturers of gaming laptops now. Razer Blade series and Asus ROG series could prove to be the best choices for you.

How can I avoid buying a laptop that is too slow for gaming?

You can avoid buying a laptop too slow for gaming by thoroughly checking the CPU, GPU, RAM, and heat exhaust system of the laptop at the time of buying. If any of these components seem faulty to you, you should never buy that laptop.

What are the unique laptop configurations for gaming?

The most unique and best laptop configurations for gaming are at least 16GB RAM, 6-8GB GPU, 3.00GHz processor, and additional SSDs with about 512GB storage each. These configurations will undoubtedly skyrocket your excellent gameplay experience.


In conclusion, both gaming desktops and gaming laptops have several advantages making it harder for you to choose between either one of them. But, most gamers using gaming laptop as desktop PC because of its higher performance and cheaper price than a gaming laptop. 

But, in laptop vs desktop for gaming, some people choose gaming laptops because of their portability and fast response speed. It is entirely up to you to choose between a desktop or a laptop after carefully observing the pros and cons of both of them. So, go now and get either of them and start gaming immediately.

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