How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop Windows 10

Window 10 has been rolling out several updates every month that cause issues with battery power drainage. Moreover, there are still chances that Microsoft will keep updating Windows 10 in future. So, to encounter the issue of low battery, you might be worried about the battery life of your laptop Windows 10. So, here is a quick solution that might be valuable in saving laptop batteries.

How to increase battery life of laptop Windows 10?

Battery consumption involves various factors. Just check out the below guide to defend the battery consumption issue, and increase it.

  1. Avoid using heavy software.
  2. Permanently close unused tabs. 
  3. Keep your “battery saver” mode On.
  4. Avoid plugging in the charge all the time. Once the laptop is charged, remove the charging adapter. 
  5. Keep your laptop less bright. 
  6. Keep analyzing battery draining apps and if not in use, disable them.
  7. Use Microsoft Edge browser to increase 30-50% battery life.
  8. Avoid using keyboard backlights, especially in the daytime. 
  9. Turn off Wifi or cellular data if not in use.
  10. Change power and sleep settings.

So, these are some quick and shortest possible steps to follow to make sure your laptop battery life doesn’t go down early. Further, in this article, we’ve discussed the step by step guide on how to increase the battery life of a Windows laptop. 

Methods to increase the battery life of laptop windows 10

Avoid using heavy software:

You might have some heavy software, like Adobe products, high graphic games, etc. All that software can be closed to get good battery life results. Moreover, background software will consume more power, so consider them disabled. Finally, if you don’t use enough, the permanent un-installation would be a perfect desiccant to reduce battery consumption. 

Permanently close unused tabs:

Keep opening the unused tabs is a swearing problem that your Windows 10 laptop battery is getting low. Moreover, multiple tabs at once pressure your laptop processor, which takes the load to keep the laptop cool. In all that process, the CPU takes help from the battery to work faster, which results in reducing the battery. 

Keep your “battery saver” mode On:

The “Battery Saver” mode On will restrict you from using heavy software and those apps that affect the battery drainage. So, overall considering the battery life, it might be helpful. 

Avoid plugging in the charge:

Keeping the laptop on charge is the common mistake most people make when using the laptop. Unfortunately, this is a big reason your battery life starts reducing due to the heavy power load. Moreover, sooner or later, your laptop battery will die. So make sure that once the laptop battery reaches 100%, remove the charging adapter, and charge it again when it goes down at 25%. 

Avoid using the laptop when on a charge; otherwise, your laptop will take more workload that is not good from a battery point of view.

Battery draining apps:

In the control panel battery section, you can see the apps that drain most of your laptop battery. Those apps that show on the top of the laptop with high battery consumption percentage, eat your battery life. If not in use too much, you can disable them or replace them with a better alternative app that consumes less battery life. 

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Use Microsoft Edge browser:

After research, it was observed that laptops that use the Microsoft Edge browser consume 30-50% less battery than the laptops that use another browser. Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 are Microsoft’s integrated products and consume less power than any other browser. Although the MS Edge browser uses less power, it’s slow browsing. 

Avoid using keyboard backlights:

Your laptop keyboard backlight is one of the main reasons for consuming battery life. Windows 10 has an internal running function that only works with battery power to run the keyboard light. In regard, the battery goes down slowly. Suppose you are working in a sufficient light area; you can save battery life by turning the keyboard backlit off. 

Turn off Wifi or cellular data:

The Internet is a crucial element to work with a laptop, but it consumes more energy from the battery. In addition, most apps and online software keep running at the backend when the internet is on. So either disable it or keep your laptop on a metered connection. 

Change power and sleep setting:

You can increase your laptop battery by optimizing the “Power and Sleep” settings. Going in the control panel and the battery setting, you can customize the laptop’s sleep and turn off time. An average gap between usage and laptop sleep is necessary to balance laptop battery life. 


Battery saver for laptop Windows 10 free download

To make sure you can optimize your laptop battery life, you still have some other ways to increase the battery life. First, download any battery saver software on your laptop and increase the battery life. Here are three advanced and high-demand battery saver software for Windows 10 to download for free download. 

Avast battery saver:

Avast battery saver is only used for Windows and helps in saving up to 32% battery life. The Avast software is available free for Windows 10. However, you have to pay for a premium feature if you need a premium service. 

Avira optimizer and battery saver:

Avira battery saver is another option if you don’t have access to Avast. The software works ideally to reduce battery consumption. You can download it free from Google and install it on your laptop. 

AVG Battery saver for Windows:

AVG battery saver reduces the consumption of backend apps and software in your laptop. It boosts the battery life and keeps your laptop bug free. 

How to increase battery life of laptop windows 11?

To increase the battery life of laptop Windows 11, go to the laptop control panel and then open the setting. Here on the left sidebar, you’ll see the battery option. Click on the battery, change the power, and sleep setting as per your work efficiency. Using this method, you can reduce laptop battery problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to increase the battery life of the Lenovo Windows 10?

Following the steps, you’ll be able to increase the battery life of laptop Lenovo Windows 10. 

  • Install Avast battery saver software free for Windows 10.
  • Disable large apps that use more battery power.
  • Decrease the laptop brightness level
  • Permanently shut down the laptop after using, don’t leave it at standby or sleep. 

How to turn off the battery life extender Windows 10?

  • Click on the battery icon on the very top right bottom corner. 
  • Go to the battery set.
  • Scroll down, and you will see the switch button. 
  • Disable the button, and the battery life extender of Windows 10 will turn off. 

What happens if the battery saver is always on in the laptop?

Suppose your battery saver is always on in your laptop. In that case, you might not be able to work on multiple apps like automatic email, helpful but heavy apps, software, calendar syncing, and many other valuable features of the laptop will not work. However, using a battery saver will help in increasing your battery life. 

How to increase the battery life of laptop hp?

Hp laptops use a lot of battery power, although they come with excellent batteries, you can increase the laptop battery life hours following these points;

  1. Close unnecessary tabs
  2. Reduce the laptop brightness.
  3. Disconnect with wifi or wired cellular function. 
  4. Change the battery setting and keep it on battery saver mode. 
  5. Disable heavy software that consumes high power. 

Final Thoughts:

Increasing a laptop battery sometimes helps you in different situations like you are camping, outside the city, or traveling where you don’t find any charging facility. At that time, the only remaining battery power is your last hope. So knowing the tactics about how to increase battery life of laptop Windows 10 was a significant step. 

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