How To Make Overwatch Run Better On Laptop?

Over the past 6 years, Overwatch has become one of the most popular first-person multiplayer shooting games all around the world. It is one of the most brilliant products of Blizzard entertainment. It has high graphics and a short match time that attracts young gamers.

The problems arise when you can not run Overwatch properly on your laptop due to various issues like Low FPS, lag, choppy gameplay, etc. Don’t worry, and you can easily make Overwatch run at a significantly improved rate on your laptop.

How To Make Overwatch Run Better On Laptop?

To run Overwatch better on a laptop, you could also upgrade the hardware components like RAM, GPU, and CPU of your laptop to a high-end capacity or change the in-game settings of Overwatch. For the settings, you can set most of the video settings to a low level to make your gameplay smooth and better.

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Further ahead in this article, you will learn about the methods of making Overwatch run better on your laptop in detail. So, read till the end carefully to follow the steps correctly and effectively.


Overwatch FPS optimization:

In Overwatch, you will probably not keep up with other players even if your skillset is brilliant. This is because the FPS problems faced during the game will decrease your overall performance in the game. So, for that, you must try to make the FPS of your game better.

To increase the FPS rate of Overwatch on your laptop, you will have to lower your graphics settings. This will lighten the burden on your laptop’s GPU that will gradually increase the FPS rate of your game higher, making the gameplay smooth and enjoyable.

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Another thing you could do to improve your game FPS is to install high-end hardware components such as 16Gb RAM, 4Gb VRAM GPU, and a 2.90 GHz speed processor. This will boost up the FPS rate of Overwatch on your laptop, even at high graphics settings.

Overwatch low FPS:

For gamers who play Overwatch, low FPS would be very annoying and frustrating because it will undoubtedly reduce your performance in the game and make you lose the matches. Playing a smooth game matters a lot for players who want to go competitive in Overwatch internationally. So, you will need to fix the issue of low FPS.

You can increase a low FPS rate on your laptop simply by updating the pre-installed drivers on your laptop. You can do it by going to the device manager and clicking on the “Update driver” option. After that, look for the video driver and right-click on it to update it. This will keep your drivers up to date, making the gameplay much better and improved.

Best FPS for Overwatch:

For Overwatch or any other first-person shooting game, FPS plays an essential role in making the game enjoyable. If the FPS is not good in the game, you will involuntarily get away from the game. So, it would help if you always kept the FPS of your game at a reasonable amount.

For Overwatch on laptops, an FPS rate greater than 60 is necessary for good gameplay. You should take the settings to 144 FPS if you have a high-end laptop. Professional players worldwide even go to the limits of 240 FPS in their games for a better experience. The choice is entirely up to you but keeps the least FPS of 60 in your mind.

How to fix Overwatch FPS?

Most Overwatch players in the world often face FPS issues that make their game lag or become choppy. For that, they tangle with the wrong settings of the game, ruining the game’s overall performance.

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You can quickly fix Overwatch FPS by either changing its video settings or making your laptop’s hardware capable of handling some heavy programs that require utmost performance.

For in-game settings, you should make the graphics settings low to such an extent that they are pretty reasonable for your game and also for your pleasure. So, keep that in mind.

Suppose you are fixing the FPS issue of Overwatch by making the hardware capable of heavy things. In that case, you should always keep your laptop from getting overheated and permanently close all the programs running in the background while playing the game.

There is another method to fix the FPS issue of Overwatch, but it is a bit complicated. For that, you will have to manually update the graphics drivers of your laptop to the latest version by going to the device management menu.

Best Overwatch settings for laptop:

Now, when you have a clear idea about making Overwatch run better on a laptop, you will have to follow these settings for your Overwatch video settings because these have proved to be the best and optimal for Overwatch. These settings are;

Dynamic reflections:

Dynamic reflections are the amount of realistic light and illuminations in the game. They work to make the graphics of the game more realistic. You should put this feature to either Low or Medium for laptop users.

Shadow detail:

Shadow detail is the feature of Overwatch that projects the shadow of characters and objects onto the game world. You should either turn this feature off or set it to low on a laptop.

Model detail:

This feature enhances the graphics of the objects like computers, doors, etc., inside the game. It is recommended to keep this feature on either low or medium for laptop gamers.


The anti-aliasing feature of Overwatch provides you with the facility of keeping the game’s animations in place and keeps the objects’ edges from scattering. The recommended preference for this is either off or medium.

Local reflections:

In most of the games, reflection has a very high effect on the visuality of the game preview. In Overwatch, this feature plays a vital role in making the graphics of

the game top-notch, but it also burdens the laptop’s components to a great extent. So, it would be best if you always kept it at either off or low.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to run Overwatch on a low end laptop?

You can run Overwatch on a low-end laptop efficiently by either lowering the in-game settings of Overwatch or updating the graphics software and drivers of your laptop. This will make up for the overall low performance of the laptop.

How to lower CPU usage in Overwatch?

To reduce CPU usage in Overwatch, you will need to stop synchronizing your GPU and CPU. Also, keep the background programs closed while playing Overwatch because they also utilize a part of your CPU to keep their functions running in the background. These will help you in lowering the CPU usage in Overwatch.


In conclusion of how to make Overwatch run better on laptop, Overwatch is one of the best multiplayer games out there. But, it can show various issues regarding its performance, especially on a laptop. The good thing about this game is that you can efficiently resolve its performance issues. If you are troubled in making it run better on a laptop, you can quickly improve its performance to about 40%-80% on a laptop. So, what are you waiting for? Go now, get your laptop, fix the game’s performance, and start playing it now.

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