How To Install SSD In Hp laptop In Just Few Steps

This blog will cover how to install SSD in HP laptop. I will also cover what an SSD is, the differences between a hard drive and an SSD, and how to install and activate an SSD. The process is very simple, and it takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

How to install SSD in Hp laptop

Have you ever thought that how to install SSD in Hp laptop? I know, it is a question asked by many people. If you are one of them who are searching for the right solution, then you have landed on the right article.

I have shared some effective tips that will help you install SSD in an HP laptop.

What is an SSD?

An SSD stands for Solid State Drive, and it is nothing but a storage device with no moving parts. It is a storage type that is very fast and lightweight and has a high data transfer speed compared to HDD. Besides, the installation of SSD in an HP laptop is pretty simple.

Prepare the laptop

Before installing the SSD in the HP laptop, you need to prepare the laptop. First of all, open the laptop and disconnect the power source. Now, remove all the cables from the laptop and remove the hard drive.

Install the SSD

After preparing the laptop, now install the SSD on the laptop. You can install the SSD in any position you want, but I would suggest placing the SSD near the hard drive as the SSD will take up a lot of space.

Install the operating system

Now, install the operating system on the laptop. Make sure to choose the correct partition in the OS and format it.

How to install m.2 SSD in Hp laptop

If you want to buy an M.2 SSD, then you can choose HP laptops. There are many benefits of having an M.2 SSD on your laptop, but you might face problems if you don’t know how to install one.

Here I will tell you how to install M.2 SSD in your HP laptop.


Before you start installing the M.2 SSD in your laptop, you need to prepare the right tools. You need to prepare the screwdriver, SATA cable, SATA adapter, and a special software.


If you’ve an HP laptop, you need to buy the M.2 to SATA adapter, and it is compatible with all the M.2 to SATA drives.


To install the M.2 SSD in your HP laptop, you need to use the special software called, “AOMEI M.2 SSD installer”.


  • Open the AOMEI M.2 SSD installer and click the “Install Now” button.
  • Insert the M.2 to SATA adapter into the port and plug the SATA cable into the adapter.
  • Now, connect the USB flash drive to the computer.
  • Click the “Next” button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After completion of the installation, disconnect the SATA cable and power off the computer.


As you can see, installing SSD in Hp pavilion laptop is pretty simple. Now you can enjoy the laptop’s speed without worrying about the hard drive. If you have any questions regarding the installation, then you can ask us in the comment section below.

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