How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Laptop Battery?

A laptop battery can be a real pain to replace. It’s usually a simple task, but it can get expensive if you have to replace a lot of batteries. Sometimes it’s very harmful when suddenly we get a message from our boss telling us to turn off our laptop and wait for a call but laptop have some issues about battery.

We will continue to discuss how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery? and explain the details so that we will provide you with all the information about so; by reading my complete article and finding help.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Laptop Battery?

The price of a new laptop battery varies greatly depending on the brand and model of the laptop. The best way to find out how much the replacement will cost is to contact the manufacturer directly. The price of a new battery depends on the model you are using. You can find out how much it costs by looking at the specifications on the back of your laptop. See this How To Connect Canon Rebel T6 To Laptop?

In this article you can easily learn about how much it costs to replace a laptop battery?

How long does a laptop battery last on average?

A laptop battery may only last up to 3 years. Laptop batteries have a limited lifespan. Most laptops last about 2 years. This means that if you buy a laptop that is more than two years old, it is likely to have a dead battery. If you are using a laptop that has a battery, you can check if it is working by pressing the “power” button located at the top left corner of the laptop screen. If the screen goes dark, your laptop battery is not charging correctly. 

Factors that show your laptop battery needs to be replaced:

There are many factors that can cause a laptop battery to die.

  • The most common is over-charging. This causes a chemical reaction that damages the battery.
  • The other main factor is a leaky battery. This can happen when the battery has been damaged by overheating or if it has been punctured. How To Clear Recent Items In Preview Mac
  • Another factor is poor design. Some laptops have batteries that are too small. This can lead to a reduced capacity.
  • The other factor is an ageing battery. This happens as the battery ages. It will begin to lose its power.

Brand Wise Laptop Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of the battery depends on your model of laptop. Different brands have different costs for batteries.

Brand Name Battery Replacement Cost
Dell $59.99  $119.99
HP $30 $140
Acer $20 $100
Lenovo $30 $200
Toshiba$20 $200
Razer $100 $200
MacBook $130 $200
Asus $30 $100

Things that Considered before Replacing a Laptop Battery

If you want to replace a laptop battery then some things must be considered in your mind. These things are very important and useful for your and your laptop. Here I will give you details, so please carefully read.


Brand is one of the most important things you should consider. You can check out the brand online or at a local electronics store. In general, you can trust brands that you know well. For example, if you bought a cellphone from your cell phone company, you can trust that brand. This is also true for laptop batteries. There are many different brands that sell laptop batteries. You can buy them anywhere you like. Before buying, make sure that you know the brand and the quality of the product. Make sure that the battery is compatible with your laptop.

The storage capacity 

The storage capacity is measured in milliamp hours ( MAH). The storage capacity of a battery is very important for your laptop. If you use a laptop for business then you want your laptop work long time then buy a high storage (MAH) battery but if use a laptop for normal purpose then normal battery is enough for you. How Many GHz Is Good For Laptop? 2022 Brief Guide

Charge it

When you buy a new battery you must charge your laptop. If your battery does not charge and takes a long time then this is not good for your laptop. If the battery is charged on time and works on proper time then the battery is ok for you.

Right size

The batteries for the laptops come in different sizes. The battery has a sticker with a serial number on it. You can remove this sticker and compare the numbers to the ones on the battery of your laptop. Make sure that the battery you are going to replace is of the same size as the one of your laptop.

Don’t forget to check battery warranty

If your laptop does not have a battery warranty, the manufacturer won’t be responsible if it breaks down. When you buy a new appliance, the manufacturer usually includes a warranty that covers the product for a specific amount of time. This time period is usually around 1-3 years. The warranty will cover any problems with the appliance, and will also cover any costs associated with the repair.

Types of Battery

There are three types of battery that are commonly used in laptops.

(1) Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd)

Ni-Cd battery is one of the oldest types of batteries, it has a very long history and has been widely used in many electronic products. It has a relatively high energy density and is inexpensive. However, it is dangerous to use because it is flammable and can explode if it is overcharged. Ni-Cd batteries are also known as rechargeable batteries. They are the most widely used because of their long life and low cost.

(2) Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)

Ni-MH batteries have a higher energy density than alkaline or lithium ion batteries. They also have a longer shelf life than other types of batteries. Most of the time, they are found in small electronic devices such as flashlights, toys, and cell phones. Ni-MH batteries are made out of nickel and hydrogen. Nickel is the primary component that provides the energy for the battery. Hydrogen is the secondary component that gives the batteries the power.

Ni-MH batteries have a higher energy density than alkaline or lithium ion batteries. The reason for this is that the Ni-MH batteries contain more hydrogen atoms than the alkaline or lithium ion batteries.

(3) Lithium Ion (Li-ion)

Lithium ion batteries are the third type of batteries that are commonly used in laptops. This type of battery is expensive. The average lifetime of this kind of battery is 10 to 12 years. These batteries are very popular because they provide more power than nickel cadmium. They are small and lightweight. Lithium batteries store more energy than nickel cadmium, and they last longer than nickel cadmium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to keep my laptop from overheating?

There is no way to keep your laptop from overheating, but you can reduce the amount of heat your laptop produces by using the lowest possible power settings. If you want to keep your laptop from overheating, you need to make sure that you do not put it on a flat surface that will cause it to overheat. If you are concerned about the laptop overheating, you can always turn it off and put it in a cooler place.

How often should I change my laptop battery?

It depends on how often you use your laptop. If you use it for an hour or two each day, you should change it every six months. If you use it for an hour or two each week, you should change it every year. If you use it for an hour or two each month, you should change it every two years. If you use it for an hour or two every three months, you should change it every three years.

What is the best laptop battery? 

Top 3 Best Rated Laptop Batteries are as follows: MobiSpares ®,Compatible Battery for iPad 6 2018 A1893 A1954 iPad Pro 9.7. WISTAR Laptop Battery Compatible for Dell XPS 17 L701X L702X XPS 15 L501X L502X XPS 14 L401X J70W7 JWPHF R795X WHXY3.

What to Do When Your Laptop Battery Runs Out

The first thing you should do is turn off your laptop. The next thing you should do is remove the battery from your laptop. If your laptop is still running, you should turn off the power to the computer and then wait for the battery to recharge.


This blog gives you interesting information about the cost of laptop battery ,factors and types of battery. When you’re looking for a laptop battery replacement, there are several things that you need to consider.

  • Battery is genuine
  • You don’t want to buy a cheap battery 
  • Consider is the warranty.

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