How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use? Here’s Answer

The watts consumption usually depends on the variety of laptops and their equipment. The laptops with advanced functions are equipped with quality system integration, but the power consumption factor can not be neglected. So, it’s crucial to find some good power-friendly laptop that saves your electricity and gives good gaming experience.

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

Normally a gaming laptop uses 160 – 220 watts. The value can vary from laptop to laptop, but around 70% of laptop around there uses 160 – 220 watts per hour. If you are using a power supply with a laptop, then don’t worry power supply uses its separate watts that are not included in laptop wattage.

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In this blog post, I’ve discussed the possible reasons why a laptop uses too much power in one hour. Moreover, I also discuss how you can overcome your laptop power consumption. So, keep reading it may help in your problem.

Factors Behind How Many Watts Does A Laptop Uses Per Hour?


In the race to become the best manufacturers in the technology field, companies tend to make laptops with high-quality gears, which cost us power consumption. The factors can vary according to your laptop, but the most common sources of watt consumption are:

  • Type of your gaming laptop 
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Graphics Card
  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Charging Adapter

Type of your gaming laptop:

The kind of laptop you have defines better how much energy it will consume. If you are a beginner gaming player who plays low-quality graphic games, it’s sure your laptop will consume fewer watts ranging between 60-100 watts. But in case you are an experienced player and play high-quality graphical games, then your laptop watts can go around 100-150 watts or higher.

However, if you use a laptop for business or office-based work, it may consume fewer watts than gaming laptops.

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

The TDP (Thermal design power) in matters a lot in CPU power consumption. The lower the TDP in CPU, is lesser the number of watts consumption. So, if you have a big CPU, it needs high TDP, which means more energy will be processed to run your system. Usually, the standard CPU laptops consume between 60 to 100 watts. At the same time, above average (quad-core) processors consumes between 100-150 watts.

Graphics Card:

You can not play high-quality graphics games without a good graphic card. Because when you play 3D games, every frame rate counts to give you the complete gaming experience. But at the backend, graphic card helps render the video and display you every mile-second perfectly. Which can be a reason a graphic card causes in power consumption.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

While working on your laptop, many apps and tabs open in the laptop that consumes RAM storage. RAM consumes electricity only when you work on multiple projects on your laptop at once. The power consumption of RAM can be reduced if you open fewer taps and software at once. But usually, when you are playing high graphic games or playing 4K videos, or doing editing, there is a chance that watts may consume more.

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Charging Adapter:

The laptop charging adapter for gaming laptops comes with 55-70 Watts. High-watt charger, charge your laptop at fast speed; that is why they may consume watts more than a standard laptop charger (5W-20W). If your laptop uses a low-watt charge, it’ll consume less power but take more time to charge your laptop. In contrast, if you use a high-watt charger, it may take less time to charge your laptop but consume more electricity.


The standard gaming laptop may draw fewer watts of energy, while a gaming laptop with special tools consumes more watts. Hence you can categorize your laptop specifics according to your need and demands.

However, almost all types of laptops come with a manual where you can find the power consumption details. According to the available research and usage experience, high specific gaming laptop watts per hour may consume around 150-200, and the normal laptop consumes around 60-100 watts.

8 Best Ways To Follow For Low WattConsumption On A Gaming Laptop

When you understand that your laptop is equipped with a high-end system that consumes more watts per hour, you may wonder if I can reduce this exhausting electricity. Then here are some proven ways that may help you manage your laptop to consume less power.

  1. Do not make the mistake of charging your laptop all the time when you’re working. 
  2. Once the laptop battery is charged 100%, remove the charger as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may cause of battery problem. 
  3. Charge your laptop when the battery goes down from 20% and switch off the adapter when charging goes on 100%.
  4. Place an extra cooling pad under your gaming laptop. It will help in emitting heat through the small holes on the pad. 
  5. Please do not play games constantly for more than 3 hours on the laptop; give it rest for at least 15 minutes to play again. 
  6. All the software and games update their programs and graphics time by time, but you don’t update your system processor, RAM, GPU, etc., which causes battery consumption. Consider changing your laptop equipment to be upgraded with the latest version. 
  7. Use an original charger for your particular gaming laptop. 
  8. Do not use multiple software at once that are not in use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts does a Lenovo laptop use?

Lenovo laptop uses 4.6 – 9.00 Watts on an average ratio when not in use. According to the research and experiment in the lab, it has been seen that Lenovo ThinkPad A285 transmits its watts from high to low. For example, when the Lenovo laptop starts, it consumes more watts (8-9Watts approx). Lenovo laptop consumes 65 watts per hour when in use while hp laptop watts uses 60 watts in an hour.

How many watts does a gaming pc use?

300 to 500 watts per hour. A gaming PC has large equipment that consumes more watts than a gaming laptop, so that is why a gaming PC uses 300 to 500 watts in one hour. However, if you are playing VR games, you may end up on high watts per hour as VR power would also be calculated as a PC power.

How many watts does a laptop use when plugged in?

50 to 70 Watts. According to the recent research of an Energy Department in the USA, a laptop when plugged in uses fewer watts as compared to not plugged. The main reason can be that you don’t use a laptop when your laptop is on charge. Hence the load on a laptop is less, which can be a reason for less power consumption when a laptop is plugged in.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you have got an idea of how many watts does a gaming laptop use. Also, now you know how to overcome your laptop power consumption. If you are just concerned about the gaming laptop vs. desktop power consumption, I would say go for a laptop because it uses less electricity.

Usually, the standard laptops that are not so heavy and can be used for small graphic gaming and office work; use fewer watts yet give you a good gaming experience. But if you are a pro player who is worried about high power consumption but still wants to play high graphic games. Then consider following above mentioned guide for low power consumption on a gaming laptop. 

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