How To Find Serial Number On HP Laptop Windows 10

How to find serial number on HP laptop Windows 10? Good questions… Lets find out…

A serial number of the laptop is crucial to know for keeping the manufacturing record of your laptop. The serial number helps in identifying complete device data which might be needed when selling or repairing your laptop. However, in HP laptops Window 10, there is no option to display the serial number on the laptop interface.

So how do you find the serial number on HP laptop Windows 10? Usually, the serial number on HP laptops can be found on a label that comes with the laptop. Serial numbers are normally in Numeric (464734637) or Alphanumeric (D7AFG87S).

Another method is:

  1. Open command prompt in window 10
  2. Write “wmic bios get serialnumber”
  3. Your laptop serial number will be shown below

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However, if you don’t find the serial number on the label, or you have lost the documents of your HP laptop, don’t worry. There are still some other ways to get HP laptop serial number check on your laptop. 

How To Find Serial Number On HP Laptop Windows 10?

Finding a serial number is hard until you don’t know the best method. According to your laptop model, the word “Serial Number” display can vary from my method. Like your laptop can show you, model number, serial, serial no., service tag, or S/N. So, if you see this type of wording on your laptop, don’t get confused because that is your Serial Number. 

Method 1: Find your HP laptop serial number in less than one minute using Command Prompt

The shortest possible method about how to find laptop serial number HP is by using Command Prompt method. With this method, you’ll not only find your HP laptop serial number, but you can also find any other company laptop model number. This method is useful for all laptops, including Dell and HP. 

Step 1: Go to your laptop Window 10 search bar just on the left side down corner and write Command Prompt there. Once you write, you’ll see an interface like this. Go to Command Propmt option.


Step 2: Then click enter, and the Window 10 Prompt Command will open. Now you will see this type of window interface in front of you. Don’t get confused after seeing this completely black window. 


On the right above corner, you can see brief details about the laptop user. 

Step 3: To find your HP laptop serial number, simply copy this given code: wmic bios get serial number

Paste this code in your command prompt window, and that’s it. You’ve got your serial number. Here you can see under the “SerialNumber” one Alphanumeric code is showing, which is your HP laptop serial number.


Unluckily, if you don’t see any serial number here, it might be due to the manufacturing problem. Maybe your manufacturer didn’t save the laptop serial number in your laptop’s BIOS or UEFI firmware. In this case, if you see “0” or “To be filled by O.E.M.” instead of the numeric or alphanumeric serial number, don’t panic. We still have some other methods to find your laptop HP serial number check.

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Method 2: Use HP Support Assistant to find the HP Laptop Serial No

The second easy method to know about your H.P. laptop S/N is downloading the H.P. support assistant app for your window. The process is very simple. Go to the HP Support Assistant app, and you can find your laptop S/N easily.

The best benefit of having the app in your window is finding the product name, product number, battery health, warranty of the laptop, first issue date, and a lot of other beneficial information that you must know about your HP laptop. In short, you’ll get all the information on one board. 

Below are some small and easy steps to help you find your laptop’s serial number using H.P. Support Assistant.

  1. Visit the HP Support Assistant link and download HP Support Assistant App for windows 10.
  2. Launch the app and finish the setup. 
  3. Open the app. On the top left corner, you’ll see the option of My Device. Click here, and you can see all the crucial data about your laptop, including the serial number. Here is HP laptop serial number example (GH343G7N).

[su_note]You don’t want to download the app or not be connected to the internet, no problem! I have another easy method that is simple and easy. But it would help if you had a little time and effort to do that. [/su_note]

Method 3: Find the laptop serial number on the battery 

Almost all laptops, including HP, attach a label with product details underside of the laptop. Usually, this label contains the laptop serial number, product id, model, warranty time, bar code, and other laptop details. These details are usually found under the battery compartment for any laptop. 

To find the HP laptop serial number using the battery compartment follow these steps:

  1. Shutoff your laptop.
  2. Disconnect any electrical connection like laptop charger or speaker connection. 
  3. Close your laptop and turn it upside down. 
  4. Remove the battery of your laptop. 
  5. Under the battery compartment, you’ll see some crucial details, including your laptop serial number. 

[su_note]This method will work almost all types of laptops in the market. Using this method you’ll also get HP laptop serial number warranty check.[/su_note]

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Method 4: Find HP laptop S/N in BIOS or UEFI in Windows 10

The 4th method is a little time taking, because you’ve to restart your HP laptop to find the serial number. The process is simple and easy but can take 2 to 5 minutes. 

Step 1: Go to your laptop window/start button and right-click on your mouse. You will see a pop-up and go to setting. 

Step 2: Window 10 control panel will open and go to Update and Security.

Step 3: On the update and security page, you will see the left sidebar, go to Recovery.

Step 4: On the recovery page, you can see below is the option of restarting your laptop. Click on the Restart button. Your laptop will get restarting. 

Step 5: When your laptop is restarting, keep looking at your laptop and when it shows the Boot options, Click F2, F12, or what it shows. 

Once you click, you will go to your window BIOS interface where, in the system option you can see your laptop Serial number. Follow the image given below and get your laptop serial number.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to find the serial number of the HP laptop from the command prompt?

Follow these steps to know HP laptop configuration check by serial number find your HP laptop serial number using the command prompt:

  • Go to the window search option and write Command Prompt
  • Click enter, and you’ll see a new black color window open with minor details about the laptop user. 
  • Write (wmic bios get the serial number) and click enter.
  • Your laptop serial number will appear.

How to find the serial number on Windows 10?

Usually, there are four accurate ways to find the serial number on Windows 10:

  • Find your HP laptop serial number in less than one minute using Command Prompt.
  • Use HP Support Assistant to find the HP Laptop Serial No.
  • Find laptop serial number under the battery compartment.
  • Find HP laptop S/N in BIOS or UEFI in Windows 10.


After reading this blog post, I hope you have got an idea of how to find serial number on HP laptop Windows 10. While finding a serial number with method four, be careful that you don’t reset your laptop; otherwise, you can lose your crucial laptop data. 

In case if you are unable to find your laptop serial number by using all these methods, contact HP support team or seller and discuss your issue with them. They will suggest you what to do further. 

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