Do You Need A Laptop For University? YES or NO?

Before getting into any university, students wonder if they need a laptop for university. Surely, having a laptop makes your study and university work much easier. But, also it completely depends on your subjects. You can choose between notebooks or laptops for your notes. Almost every student goes for the laptop because it is more effective and the best way out there.

Do You Need A Laptop For University?

Not necessarily, you can get a laptop for university after looking at your subjects. If a laptop is required for any subject, you will necessarily need a laptop. But, if you can make it work without a laptop, the choice will be completely up to you.

Further ahead in this article, you will get a crystal-clear idea of whether do you need a good laptop for university or not. So, read till the end.

Things to know before getting a laptop for university


Before getting a laptop for university, you must know about the basic things you require in a laptop for your studies. It would help if you were looking for the following things to get yourself an optimal laptop for your university;

Operating System of the laptop:

The first thing you need to look for in a laptop is its operating system. You will need an operating system developed especially for taking notes and research. If you are looking for a Windows laptop, Windows 10 or above would be the best option. But, if you are looking for a Mac, then MacBook Air would be best.

Portability of the laptop:

The second most important thing is the portability of the laptop. It will make it easy for you to take the laptop anywhere you want around the university or at home. It would be best to look for a light, small laptop in size with an adjustable design.

Storage of the laptop:

The next thing you need to keep an eye out for is the laptop’s storage capacity. A high storage capacity laptop will be required for a university student because you will need to store many things like photos, notes, videos, lectures, etc., on your laptop. So, keep a minimum of 512GB storage laptop in your mind.

Processor capability:

You will need to have a high-speed processor for your university laptop. It is because your laptop’s response time and computing speed will matter a lot when you are taking notes during a class or sometimes else when you are in a hurry. So, I always prefer a laptop with a processor speed of more than 3.00 GHz.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

Another thing you should keep in mind while getting a laptop for university is the laptop’s RAM. You will probably need to use different programs and applications on your laptop. It all comes down to the RAM when running such programs smoothly. You will need a minimum of 4 or 8Gb RAM in your laptop to keep your time smooth and easy.

Cost of the laptop:

The cost of a laptop varies differently from laptop to laptop. The brands whose laptops are more demanded will surely have a much higher cost. So, always go for the laptops that are better performing and much cheaper than other laptops.

These are some of the major things you should keep an eye out for before buying yourself a laptop for university. So, keep them in mind.

Do you need a laptop for university computer science?


Having a laptop is not necessary for every student of a university computer science. It depends on the subject group and the need of a student. For example, if you belong to a subject group involving programming or technical work, you will necessarily need a laptop for university.

But, if you belong to any other subject group, you don’t need to have a laptop. No doubt, it will make your study and work a lot easier. But, you always choose to use manual means to accomplish your tasks and studies. So, keep both of them in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need a laptop for university if you have a desktop?

No, you do not need a laptop for university if you have a desktop. All the computer work can be done on the desktop as long as it completes the basic requirements equivalent to the laptop’s requirements. So you can do all your necessary university work on a desktop. It will also save you the trouble of carrying a laptop around in the university. You have to write the important details and put them on your desktop when you get the time.

What kind of laptop do I need for university?

You will need a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry around, has the high-performance capability, and costs you low compared to other laptops. It would be best to always look for such features while getting a laptop for university. HP Envy, Dell XPS, or Apple Macbook Air could be the best choices.

Do you need to buy a laptop for university or Chromebook?

Chromebook can prove to be the best choice for students primarily focused on web browsing, online lectures, audiobooks, etc. This is because Google’s Chromebook offers vast channels for people to gain knowledge and research. Moreover, the storage of a Chromebook is also exceptional, making it the best laptop for university students.


I hope now you have got an idea either do you need a laptop for university or not. In conclusion, having a laptop for studying and working in university will not be bad for students. In this modern age of technology, it will make your study and work a lot easier for you. Whether you are thinking about do you need a laptop for university lectures, taking notes during class, taking online lectures, or researching online, your laptop will take care of everything related to your studies. 

That’s why you will see most university students carrying a laptop with them all the time. It can also prove pretty handy for you. But, again, it completely depends on you and your subject groups that will decide whether you need a laptop or not. So, go now and decide to choose the best laptop.

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