How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Gaming Laptop?

Do you feel a desire inside your heart to play some high-end games? Or do you see your friends having their separate rooms filled with high-end gaming giant computers or laptops? But can you have the same stuff they are having? Of course, you can, but there is a difficulty because you don’t know how to convince your parents to get a gaming laptop.

If you are of the student’s age, parents are the only ones who can allow you or buy you an expensive, heavy-duty, and video editing gaming laptop. However, the question remains the same: how will you agree to buy something like this for yourself?

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Therefore, if you are reading this post, read till the end. Because I would love to tell you how I made my parents agree to buy me a gaming laptop even at my high school standard. It was, when the Skyrim, Fortnight, and other high-end games were on the peak. So, let me start explaining the things I did to get it. You will find it much helpful also to agree with your parents.

First of All, Be sure about the price you wanna pay for a particular one. 

You first need to convince your parents of the money you ask them to pay for an excellent gaming laptop. Moreover, you should keep in mind that gaming laptops are a little expensive, and as they perform games, it means they will be carrying some high-end specs.

You should make your own budget first. Like it should not be around about 200 to 500 bucks. Because the money you would need for a great Gaming Laptop will fall between $800 to $1400. It is just for those who want to enter level gaming while also completing their study stuff.

This will include at least 12 GB of DDR4 RAM (for smooth gaming), a dedicated graphics card of at least 4GB. Plus an Intel Core i7 or i5 processor with at least 8th to 10th generation. And some other quality specs such as SSD storage and quality display.

All these would be enough for giving your gaming dreams a reality. It could also be your first laptop. That’s why you need to make sure that you can buy something perfectly designed for the long term working with such high-end capacities.

So, you should keep in mind this price tag before you go requesting your parents to buy you a gaming laptop.

How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Gaming Laptop | Steps To Convince Your Parents

I have made a comprehensive list to follow for convincing your parents in every aspect regarding making them buy a gaming laptop under the price tag you have made. Just follow it and make your life easier and complete with gaming.

Tell them you need a laptop on per your school or college requirements: 


For me, getting my first gaming laptop was way more manageable. Because I was a good guy (still I am), as my grades were good in school. Therefore, I planned to ask my parents if my school teachers wanted me to have a laptop for study.

Because my parents were happy with my grades, they trusted me and didn’t deny it. So, they gave me the money to buy one. I completed my study work on a laptop. And play my favorite games when my parents are not around and I am alone in my room.

That’s the secret you have to keep sometimes. But I am gonna tell them one day because I am still holding on to my excellent grades.

The same thing applies to you, if you are a good guy in the class and always come up with the best grades, you will not take much time convincing your parents to buy you a laptop of your choice.

You can ask them that your study requirements demand a laptop, which must come in this price tag. Your parents will do anything to arrange the amount for you and buy you a preferred computer.

However, if you are not good at studies, you need to promise them good skills. And will also have to keep your promise as well.

Because when they give you the money for buying such a high-end machine, they would also expect some results from you.

It also happens occasionally. You need to tell your parents that you would grade at THIS certain level. And even if you score near it, they will buy you something as a gift. With this gift, you can demand a gaming PC easily.

You can enjoy games on your laptop, but you will also have to be good at your grades. They must improve respectively.

Tell them the Intensity of Your Daily Workloads:

You can use another quite preferable method. It is telling your parents a little more about the type of work you have to perform on a daily basis. You must tell them that you have to run some heavy-duty software on your previous computer (if you have one) and also work at remote places.

Because the current one cannot support that much and in case you need a new one, suggest them with an excellent gaming laptop with some high specs. It will let you do your heavy-duty stuff more easily, and you will also be able to play games over it.

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However, even if you don’t have to work heavy duty, you can agree with them by telling them the imperfections of a low-budgeted and low-end gaming laptop that will only cost you money and won’t give or promise any excellent performance.

Who understands your parents better?

Every child has a perfect relationship with their parents as they know all of their likes, dislikes, and things they would be expecting from you.

Moreover, you also know how to convince your parents when you have to buy new shoes, clothes and other stuff you will need on a daily basis.

Therefore, nobody knows your parents better than you and convinces them to buy you a gaming PC. You can use your brain and skills as how you make them agree on other stuff.

Things would be easier if you would do them with the core of your heart and the desires you have to fulfill your enthusiasm.

Try to be a Great kid of Your Parents:


Things get messy when you talk too much or get angry with your parents as they don’t buy something for you or give you what you want.

So, instead of this, you should become a great child of your parents. You must obey their orders, and even if you have to make an effort like washing the dishes inside your home kitchen, go for it.

Be good with your other siblings and react as if you are a mature person who really needs something extraordinary for what he is making such efforts.

You must also do your stuff regularly to go to the gym properly. Have your classes on a proper timetable. Be best with your friends and do whatever they ask you to do.

Well, if you will start behaving well, chances are more that you will end up buying a good gaming laptop for yourself. Because it’s better said in an old saying that things don’t work unless you do.

Do not get mad even if they deny:


What if you make such an effort and they still deny buying you a gaming laptop which I am sure that they will never say no to. But even if they do for some reason, like a shortage of money or anything else, you shouldn’t behave rudely or do stupid stuff to yourself. Because it will only cost you and your dear ones.

Instead of this, be able to manage things on your own. If they don’t have money to give you, start looking for a part-time job you can do otherwise. And when you have one, you can begin sparing money for fulfilling your gaming desires.

Ultimately your parents will see your effort and consider you a responsible child of the family. And do you know what? This could end up changing their mind, and they might be able to arrange money for you to make you buy a gaming laptop even at this early age.

So, these could be the possible things you can do to convince your parents. And even if they disagree, you should go for the last step if you think you cannot live without a gaming laptop. However, suppose your parents agree, which I know they will be. In that case, you are good to go to have some video gaming nonstop on a perfect device you are gonna buy on a reasonable budget.

Final Thoughts:

Our parents are everything for us, and nobody knows or understands them best except us. So knowing how to convince your parents to get a gaming laptop will nobody know better than us. Because it is all on us as it is tit for tat. If we stay good at our studies, goals, daily work, or play routines. And make them proud, they will buy us anything we want. However, if we will not be doing any of this, they might deny it. And it is their right to do so because we are giving no output.

So, don’t worry about your case. Because I know your parents will buy you the best gaming laptop as you are a great son of theirs. If you really liked reading the ideas, I have given you here. Please let me know through the comment section. Or in case you have more queries in your mind, you should also ask them anytime. Take care of yourself, and may the blessings be on your way!

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