Can I Use Water To Clean My Laptop Screen?

Cleaning your laptop is important because it allows your device to work for a long time. Two main areas of the laptop require cleaning, one is the keyboard, and the other is the laptop screen. A dirty screen can disturb you and decrease your work efficiency. Therefore, you should clean your laptop screen regularly.

Can I Use Water To Clean My Laptop Screen?

Water can be used to clean by following the proper safety measures. While cleaning a laptop screen, any liquid can effectively remove spots to clean the laptop screen including water. Drop some water on a cloth or cotton before using it for cleaning and avoid using water directly or spraying on a laptop.


After getting your answer, you must be looking for the proper guidance to clean your laptop screen with water. Let’s do, clean your device without damaging it step by step.

First of all, understand your screen type:

Before cleaning your laptop screen, it’s essential to understand the screen type of your laptop.

If you clean your laptop screen with water, you can use it for both glasses or LED and LCD screens. But keep in mind, if you are going to clean it with any screen cleanser, you can not use an LED cleanser for LCD and vice versa.

Things To Know For The Safe Cleaning Of Your Laptop

Here are some essential things you should know while cleaning a laptop screen:

Care about the glass-coated screen:

This type of laptop is more delicate than LCD or LED screen types. You have to be more careful while cleaning this type of screen. Water is preferable to clean glass-coated screens. If you have a glass-coated screen, avoid cleansers because they can damage your screen. But cleansers like 70% isopropyl alcohol, Windex, and Clorox disinfectant can be used in tiny amounts.

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Care about LED and LCD screens:

No doubt, these types of screens are not elegant as glass-coated screens, but still you have to be careful while cleaning. Cleansers can be more effective for this type of screen. 

Use filtered water:

When you think of cleaning your laptop screen, you want to get rid of germs and keep it away from harmful chemicals. Regular water contains a lot of chemicals that may harm your screen. Distilled water will help to save your screen from games as well as from damage.

Use soft cloth:

Paper towels, t-shirts, and household rags can easily scratch and damage your screen. Therefore using a soft cloth-like microfiber can help you clean your screen without leaving any debris. 

Do not wipe on laptop screen in a circle:

Avoid wiping on the laptop screen in a circle if you want to remove streaks and sports properly. It can also damage and scratch the laptop screen. Instead, use side-by-side motion with low pressure to clean safely.

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Steps To Clean A Laptop Screen With Water?

Follow the below guide to know how to clean laptop screen at home.

Step 1: Shut down and plug off your laptop

The first and most crucial step is shutting down and plugging off your device. Cleaning your laptop when it has electrical connection can make any accidental shock. So you should plug off the laptop carefully before you start cleaning.

Step 2: List and get your cleaning material ready

There is not much you need to get for cleaning. Any cloth or cotton is the most crucial material you need to clean the screen. Microfiber is preferable instead of paper towels or household rags to remove spots and dirt properly. Microfiber will work fine even if you are using the least expensive one.

Step 3: Wipe the screen

After getting all your material ready, you have to wipe your screen. Take a clean microfiber and press it in a side-by-side direction on the screen. While wiping the screen, must avoid these two things:

  • Do not rub the cloth in a circle to remove all the streaks and spots.
  • Do not exert much pressure because it can burn out your screen pixel.

Step 4: Remove specks of dirt from the sides (frame) of the screen

The last step is to clean the remaining dirt that you couldn’t remove while wiping the screen. Now you can use some paper towels and household material to remove the dirt

from the sides of your laptop screen; but not on the front screen to save pixels.

Step 5: Let it dry for some time

Even if you are not going to use dropping water for a debris screen, a little liquid can be present on the screen. So before plugging in the laptop keep your screen dry. To get a complete dry screen, leave it for 10-15 min after wiping out the screen. It’s essential because a wet screen can cause some current.

What can I use to clean my laptop screen other than water?

Isopropyl alcohol and distilled vinegar can also clean the laptop screen.

  • Alcohol wipes: When your screen is too oily and dirty, water can prove less effective in cleaning the screen properly. So you can use alcohol which can help you to remove stains. If you use alcohol, your screen will dry quickly because alcohol is highly evaporative.
  • Windex: This solution is mainly helpful to remove the annoying spots of oil from the screen. Some steaks that can’t be removed by water or alcohol wipes, Windex is an easy way to remove them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use wet wipes to clean my laptop screen?

Yes, you can use wet wipes to clean your laptop screen without worrying.

Using wet wipes is one of the best ways to avoid damaging your screen while cleaning. When you use water, alcohol, or any other solution with a soft cloth, you can mistakenly use more water which can cause damage. But if you are using wet wipes, you can save your device.

Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my laptop?

Yes, you can use hand sanitizer to clean your laptop. There is an industry-proven hand sanitizer called Electro san. This sanitizer is specially designed for electronic equipment like laptops, Tv, and Mobiles.

What can I use to clean my laptop screen and keyboard?

To clean a screen, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Plugg off your device.
  • List the things you need for cleaning.
  • Take a Microfiber and clean the screen in side-by-side motion with low pressure.
  • Allow your laptop screen to dry completely before using it again.

To clean the keyboard of a laptop:

  • Take a soft cloth or paper towel and drop some distilled water or Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Wipe the keys of the keyboard, especially the gaps between the keys of the keyboard
  • You can also use small sticks to remove dust from the gaps between keys.

Can I use alcohol to clean my laptop screen?

Yes, you can use the alcohol by dropping it on a soft cloth or using alcohol wipes for this purpose. Alcohol is an effective liquid to clean the laptop screen because it does not damage your device and clean the spots on the screen.

How to clean laptop screen Dell?

  1. Remove electrical connetion from Dell laptop screen.
  2. Take a microfiber soft cloth.
  3. Wet the cloth with some warm and filtered water.
  4. Wipe the cloth on screen in circle gently.
  5. Leave the laptop for 10 to 15 minutes and let it dry. 


Cleaning your laptop screen is essential for your laptop. If you think can I use water to clean my laptop screen?; then the process is the same as for laptop. You need some simple material that most of us have at our homes. Follow simple steps to wipe your laptop screen and get a transparent screen. Use Microfiber (soft cloth) to remove spots from the screen. For the spots on the laptop’s frame, Alcohol wipes and paper towels are preferable to Microfiber, and you are all done. 

I hope now you have got an idea about the screen cleaning. All the laptops and desktop monitors screens in the company can be washed following the above method. 

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