Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM To 16GB?

RAM plays a vital role in making your laptop the best of all. Almost all the work and functions of your laptop pass through the RAM at least one time in a loop. So, keeping it top-notch is necessary. Now, you can upgrade your laptop’s RAM to higher levels like 16GB or 32GB easily. 

But, you will have to follow a certain number of steps to upgrade it safely and effectively. The most common mistake people make while upgrading the RAM of their laptops is that they apply strength in the process. It will probably damage the RAM or its other components during the upgrade. 

Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM To 16GB?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your laptop’s RAM if it has independent RAM slots on its motherboards. On the motherboard, you will see some strips. Those are the RAM slots. Now, you need to install a 16Gb RAM into one of the slots and lock it, and you will have successfully upgraded your laptop’s RAM.

Further ahead in this article, you will get familiar with the easiest and safe steps to upgrade your laptop’s RAM to higher levels. 


Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Laptop’s RAM

It would help if you always kept some important things in your mind before upgrading your laptop’s RAM because it is not always effective to focus on RAM individually. Consider these points before upgrading your laptop’s RAM;

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The necessity of RAM upgrade:

Before upgrading the laptop’s RAM, you have to know whether you need an upgrade or not. It is done because if you upgrade the RAM even when you do not need it, it will probably hinder the laptop’s performance and will be a waste of wealth.


It would be best if you always looked for issues you face during the usage of your laptop. If they are somehow connected with the limited RAM, you will need to upgrade your laptop’s RAM. Check RAM usage in the Task manager easily.

Type of the RAM:

There are three types of RAM. They include DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5. It would help if you got RAM compatible with your laptop’s CPU. Otherwise, the RAM installed will not work. The speeds of these types are also unique for each one.

Compatibility with CPU and GPU:

You also have to look for the RAM compatibility and your laptop’s main processing components, CPU and GPU. It is necessary because the cooperation between CPU, GPU, and the RAM is vital for the system to run smoothly. So, keep the features of CPU, GPU, and RAM in mind before getting RAM for your laptop.

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Components other than RAM:

Before upgrading the RAM of your laptop, you should always look for other options. In advanced laptops, SSD is preferred over RAM because their speed and performance are relatively good compared to RAM.

Process of upgrading the RAM

  1. Once you have thoroughly gone through everything necessary to learn before upgrading a laptop’s RAM, you will have to follow some steps to install the new upgraded RAM effectively. These steps include:
  2. Open the motherboard panel of your laptop to get a clear view of the slots of RAMs.
  3. Now, remove the previous RAM or install the new one next to it if it has multiple steps. You will have to unlock the slots to install the RAM in the form of small clips on the corners of the slot.
  4. Once the new RAM has been installed, close your laptop’s motherboard and cover it with the panel.

These are three simple steps for upgrading your laptop’s RAM to higher levels. But, never use brute strength to install the RAM because it will expose your laptop’s RAM-related components to a danger of potential harm. So, watch out for that.

Precautions while changing the RAM

It would help if you always took safety measures while charging your laptop’s RAM to keep it from malfunctioning and damaging your laptop. These precautions include;

  • Do not apply more than the necessary strength to install the RAM.
  • Do not let the RAM get moisture or any liquid on it.
  • Check for the compatibility of any RAM with your laptop’s motherboard.
  • Always use the same type, i.e., DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5 RAMs if you install multiple RAMs.
  • Always lock the RAM slots after installing them.
  • If you adhere strictly to these precautions while upgrading your laptop’s RAM, you will face no issues regarding the RAM of your laptop.

Can I upgrade my laptop RAM from 4Gb to 16Gb?

You can easily upgrade your laptop’s RAM from 4Gb to 16Gb if you have a RAM slot on your laptop’s motherboard. You can upgrade it by using multiple small capability RAMs or one 16Gb RAM. But, sometimes, laptops do not support a single large-capacity RAM.

In installing multiple RAMs, you can take either 2Gb, 4Gb or 8Gb RAMs, and the choice is completely up to you. But, it is recommended to go with either 4Gb or 8Gb RAMS. Now, for 4Gb RAMs, you will need 4 of them to make a total of 16Gb RAM and install it in the slots. As for 8Gb RAMs, you will only need two of them. But, keep the type of every RAM the same that is supported by your laptop.

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Now, if you want to go with a single 16Gb RAM, you will have to clear out all the other RAMs from your laptop and check for their compatibility with your laptop. If it is perfectly compatible, you need to replace the new RAM with the old one in the motherboard’s slots, and you are good to go.

How to upgrade 8GB ram to 16GB laptop?

If your laptop’s motherboard has multiple RAM slots on it and supports additional RAMs, you can always add another 8Gb RAM to your motherboard, collectively making a 16Gb RAM. But, if you are facing some problems and can not install multiple RAMs, you can also replace

the 8Gb RAM with a 16GB RAM laptop. But, make sure to check for compatibility and the same type of RAM first.

It is mostly recommended to use additional RAMs to increase the RAM of your laptop. In most advanced multiple slots are available, and they do not support a single RAM. So, it’s convenient to go with multiple RAMs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to increase RAM on the laptops for free?

You can not increase the overall capacity of your RAM without changing it. But, you can extract all of its potential by freeing up the unnecessarily consumed RAM, updating your software, clearing cache, removing browser extensions, etc. These are the internal functions of the laptop that make most usage of the RAM. If you can free up RAM from these things, you can easily observe an increase in the available RAM on your laptop. It will also make your laptop’s performance much better.

Is 8Gb RAM enough for a laptop in 2022?

In the advanced laptops that are coming on the market today, 8Gb RAM is the minimum amount of RAM installed. If you are looking for a professional laptop mostly for office or study purposes, then 8Gb RAM will be more than enough for your overall work. But, if you are looking for gaming, programming, or graphics designing laptop, then 8Gb RAM will be far less than the amount of RAM required to run the necessary programs for such purposes.

How to upgrade RAM on a laptop?

You can upgrade the RAM on a laptop by replacing the previous one with a more capacity one of the same types, or you can add multiple RAMs of the same type to your laptop if your laptop’s motherboard has multiple RAM slots on it. But, for both of these choices, you will have to open up the laptop’s motherboard and install the RAMs manually. But, always check for compatibility of the RAM with the laptop before the installation process.

Can I upgrade my laptop RAM to 8GB?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your laptop’s RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb. You can either add RAM of 4Gb of the same type in the RAM slot on the motherboard. But, if your laptop’s motherboard does not have multiple RAM slots, you can always replace your 4Gb RAM with an 8Gb RAM of the same type compatible with the laptop’s hardware and software.


In conclusion; can I upgrade my laptop RAM to 16GB, having a laptop with greater RAM is always better for any usage, whether for gaming or professional use. Having a higher capacity RAM will certainly make the laptop’s performance smoother. Still, other components should also be upgraded with the RAM, or they will not be able to keep up with the RAM’s performance. So, go now and make your laptop better by upgrading its RAM.

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