Best Position To Use Laptop on Bed | 5 Helpful Tips

A laptop is one of the most preferred electronic computing devices because of its extreme portability. You can take it anywhere you want, and its usage is at your disposal. But, it becomes frustrating when you hear things about laptops like not using them on a bed or else they will damage your body. But, don’t worry, you can use your laptop on a bed without worrying about physical damage if you are in the correct position. So What’s the best position to use laptop on bed??

What Is The Best Position To Use Laptop On Bed?

The ideal position to use a laptop on the bed is to raise your head and knees and relax them while using the laptop. Another essential detail is to keep the room lit while using it. Otherwise, it could damage your eyes.

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Further ahead in this article, you will get familiar with the optimal ways to put yourself in the correct position to use your laptop on the bed. So, read till the end to learn them.


Things to set up before getting your laptop on the bed

Before taking your laptop to the bed, you will need to set some things up first to make the usage of the laptop more comfortable and relaxing. These things include;

Choose the right pillow:

Choosing the right pillow for your back, head, and knee support is a must follow safety step while using your laptop on the bed. For support purposes, you should always choose a fluffy pillow and relax. These pillow characteristics play a vital role in making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Use separate mouse and keyboard:

The following things you require are a separate mouse and keyboard for your laptop. The availability of these things will keep you from putting strain on your back, neck, and hands. So, make sure to get them.

Allow the right amount of lighting:

It would help if you made sure that the room you are sitting in has a reasonable amount of lighting. Keep your room neither too dark nor too lit. It will help to save your eyes from pressure and strain. Otherwise, they could get damaged.

Use a laptop stand:

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to use a laptop stand for your laptop. Get a laptop stand that is adjustable, versatile, and strong. It is used to raise the laptop at a reasonable height to your head. It reduces the strain on your neck and back.

Use an Ergonomic laptop:

An ergonomic laptop is a laptop that allows a user to turn its screen at a comfortable angle. You should always try to use an ergonomic laptop if you are willing to use a laptop on the bed. It diminishes the stress and strain on your body to a negligible level. If that is not available, you always have the option to use ergonomic stands to turn a typical laptop’s ergonomics.

More or less, these are all the things you will need to set up to make your time with a laptop on the bed comfortable and non-stressing. So, make sure to make them available.

Getting your body and the laptop in the proper position

When you are finished with acquiring the right things for your comfort on the bed, you need to focus on adjusting your body and laptop in the right conditions on the bed.

You should always raise your head and knees from the bed and rest them on a pillow to relax them. The next thing you need to do is support your back with the help of a pillow. It keeps your spine from getting dislocated. Then, get a laptop stand on your legs and put the laptop on it. Connect the mouse and keyboard and keep them where you are comfortable reaching and using them.

That covers all the aspects of the best positioning of your body and the laptop on the bed. Follow these instructions, and you will feel more relaxed and comfortable while using a laptop on the bed than you are on the desk.

Things not to do while using a laptop on the bed

While using your laptop on the bed, you should always take adequate care in not doing the things mentioned below:

Do not use pillows to stabilize the laptop:

It would be best if you never used pillows instead of a laptop stand to make your laptop stable. It continually exposes your laptop to the risk of overheating and crashing.

Avoid darkness in the room:

It would help if you always kept yourself from using a laptop in the darkness, especially when on a bed. This is because the light rays emitting from the screen are highly intense and can damage the eyes in the darkness.

Lying down while using the laptop:

It would help if you never lay down while using the laptop on the bed. It is due to the risk of spine damage and eye damage. These things could prove extremely harmful in the future if left ignored.

Sitting crisscrossed while using the laptop:

Never sit in a crisscrossed posture while using a laptop on the bed. It exposes almost all your body parts to strain. Its worst disadvantage is that it hinders blood flow to the legs and arms.

Never taking a break:

No matter how important the work is, it would help if you never sat on the bed using your laptop continuously for hours. You should always take a break and relax your body. Stretching would be the best option.

As the things mentioned above are the best position to work in bed that you should never do while using a laptop on the bed. So, could you keep away from them?

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most commonly and frequently asked questions about working from bed with laptop by people all around the world include;

What to put under the laptop to keep it from overheating?

To keep your laptop safe on bed fire, you should keep cooling mats or heat sinks underneath it. If any of them are not available, you should use a book or a solid object. But, never use a heat insulator like a blanket or a pillow.

How to use a laptop on the bed without overheating?

It would help if you always use a laptop stand to put your laptop. Moreover, best surface to put laptop on is a laptop cooling pad that will safe your laptop away from overheating. It keeps the laptop safe from overheating and also stabilizes them. Moreover, it would be best to choose an adjustable and versatile laptop stand and avoid sleeping with laptop on bed.

Where to put laptop while using?

It would help if you always put your laptop on a flat surface while using it because laptops have heat vents at their sides. So, putting them on flat surfaces keeps the airflow smooth throughout the vents.

What is the best position to use a laptop in the office?

While using a laptop in the office, you should always keep your feet firm on the floor, relax your back and neck on the chair, and keep your elbows a bit above the desk. It stabilizes your whole body and lessens the stress and strain.


In conclusion of best position to use laptop on bed, using a laptop on the bed is not harmful itself. It is the person’s position and the laptop that cause harm to a person. But, it would be best if you did not always rely on the bed to serve as your workspace while using a laptop. Similarly if you think about the best position to use laptop on floor, follow the guide as for bed.

It is because even when it is not harming your physical self in any way, it could damage your laptop. So, keep the bed on backup and use your laptop to be safe to use.

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