Are Gaming Laptops Good For Graphics Design?

Graphics designing demands powerful CPU and GPU for graphics processing. So, gaming laptops could be an optimal tool for graphics designing. This is because they have a high-end CPU, GPU, and a good screen with an exceptional frame rate. Any laptop with such high specifications could be good for graphics designing. So, gaming laptops are good for graphics designing.

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Graphics Design?

Yes, gaming laptops works perfectly for graphic design. They are equipped high performing CPU, GPU, and RAM, which are a must for graphics designing. Moreover, they have a high-resolution screen with a better frame rate making them the best graphic designers.

Further ahead in this article, you will get a clear idea about gaming laptops’ high affinity for graphics designing.

Graphic Design Laptop Requirements | Consider These Factors


Gaming laptops are best for graphic design because of their overpowered components like CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, screen, etc. These things render a gaming laptop to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Belwo are some graphic design laptop requirements;

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

CPU is a crucial element of a gaming laptop that supports graphics design. A gaming laptop has a minimum CPU, either Intel Core i7 or its equivalent. Its speed is fast enough to do graphics designing smoothly and effectively.

[su_note]Note: One thing that gaming laptops could frustrate you while working on these types of work loads, and the thing is that gaming machines sometime heat up when we continuously uses it. So, don’t panic when you will see that. To cop with it people uses gaming laptop cooling pad in order to cool down their machines.[/su_note]

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU):

Graphic Processing Unit is a vital for graphics designing in a gaming laptop. It is a basic requirement for any graphics design software. The GPU installed in a gaming laptop is a minimum equivalent to the Nvidia Geforce-line model. So, it is a laptop with top-notch graphics designing compatibility.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

A gaming laptop has a minimum 16GB RAM already installed in it. Almost all the graphics design software can run smoothly without any issue with such RAM. So, this component is also of utmost importance for graphics design.

Laptop storage:

To store your designs and graphics design software, you will need a tremendous amount of storage in your laptop. Gaming laptops have got you covered in this matter. They are equipped with storage devices with a minimum storage capacity in Tera-bytes.

[su_note]Keep in mind: Make sure you’re using SSD (Solid State Drive) storage. The SSD storage helps your to load and render your graphics data or files within seconds. It also helps to boot up the programs in less time.[/su_note]

High graphics screen:

To make your graphics designs of top quality, you will need to judge the quality of your work yourself first. Gaming laptops are equipped with high-resolution and graphics-friendly screens that serve as the best display for any of your work.

Graphics designing software best for gaming laptops

When you are all done getting yourself a gaming laptop for graphics designing, now is the time for you to install graphics designing software on your laptop. There is a vast pool of graphics designing softwares, but only a few of them are of the best quality and effective in graphics designing. Either you have an HP laptop for graphic design or a Dell, these softwares works well. 

Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop is a product of “Adobe” made for graphics designing purposes. This software can be used for image enhancing editing and creating logos. Optimal requirements for adobe photoshop to run smoothly are 8GB RAM, processor speed of about 2.90 GHz, and video memory of 4GB. A gaming laptop can easily fulfill these requirements.


CorelDRAW is vector graphics designing software. It can also handle graphics designing by drawing on a touch screen or a graphics tablet. It is compatible with computers and laptops having a minimum 4GB RAM, a processor speed of 2.70 GHz, and a video memory of 2Gb.

Adobe Illustrator:

Illustrator is also a graphics designing software made by “Adobe”. It can handle graphics designing and enhance handmade designs once scanned by the laptop. Its minimum requirements are 4GB RAM, processor speed of 2.50 GHz, and video RAM of 1GB. But, the recommended requirements are 8GB RAM, processor speed of 2.80 GHz, and video memory of 4GB. A gaming laptop can easily fulfill these requirements.

Things not to do while graphics designing on a gaming laptop

When people get a gaming laptop and start designing graphics, they often make mistakes like not cleaning the laptop, ignoring its system throttling, and overloading the laptop. You should always avoid things like these. If we talk about not cleaning the laptop, it could overheat its system and eventually damage the laptop. 

If the gaming laptop is overloaded with graphics designing, it will probably cause its components to throttle and stop their functioning. So, never ignore such issues and keep your work and gaming laptop in check.


Can gaming laptops be used for graphics designing?

Yes, gaming laptops are one of the best devices for graphics design. You can perform multiple works on a gaming laptop at the same time. It can also handle high-end graphics designs like animation projects, three-dimensional designing, etc., making it the best choice for graphics designers.

Can gaming PC be used for graphics designing?

Yes, a gaming PC can certainly be used for graphics designing. As long as it completes the requirements, it can handle any graphics designing software and work with ease. The only downfall of using a gaming PC for graphics designing is its lack of portability and electricity restriction. Otherwise, it is on a par with a gaming laptop.

Do gaming laptops have good graphics?

Yes, gaming laptops have very good graphics. At a minimum, they have a graphics card or video memory on par with Nvidia’s Geforce GTX graphics card, which is considered a beast GPU in the world. So, they have an excellent graphics level.


Today, the demands of graphics designers have increased immensely. So, seeing this, you can pursue the field of graphics designing as a business opportunity if you possess a gaming laptop. Whether you think, are gaming computers good for graphic design? I would say, although gaming PCs are best for graphics designing, they are bit expensive.

But, if we see on the bright side, it is only a one-time investment of a few thousand USD, and it can produce long-term revenue for you. So, go now, open your gaming laptop and get on to graphics designing right away.

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